Release Vesion 0.0.2

New Feature: The Garden

  • All items (except the mace) now have a limited number of uses. A UI element was added to display the number of remaining uses for the currently wielded weapon.
  • In between waves, the player now has access to the garden screen, where they can plant up to three plants at a time. After a certain number of days (waves), the plants will reach maturity and can be harvested, at which point they will add uses to the corresponding item.

New Item: Vinewall

The fourth item to be added to the game. Throw this item on the ground, and after a short delay, a giant wall will grow out of the ground, putting an obstacle between you and your enemies.

Other Changes

  • Enemies now cry out in pain and fall over when you kill them. Now you can laugh at their hilarious suffering.
  • Removed Material UI from the project. In layman's terms, the buttons aren't as cool now because I didn't make the old, cool buttons.
  • The artist made me a rough draft thing to make ui elements look like old planters with vines growing out of them. I think it's pretty cool.
  • Some waves now include a new enemy type. It's a larger version of the basic enemy with more health that moves slower. It also has the manliest death sounds.


V 0.0.2 Windows 32-Bit
21 days ago
V 0.0.2 Windows 64-Bit
21 days ago
V 0.0.2 Mac
21 days ago
V 0.0.2 Linux
21 days ago

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